About Packerland Broadband

About Packerland Broadband

Our founders began their cable television careers in 1955 with the construction of a cable television system in the Iron Mountain, Michigan area. Over the next 36 years, systems were built throughout the United States, and developed into one of the larger terrestrial microwave systems in the United States serving over 39 cable systems, five broadcasters, and 50 radio stations.

The company continued to grow and evolve to include building and upgrading hundreds of thousands of miles of broadband networks nationwide along with a full range of broadband services.

In the short time since we purchased our first systems, Packerland Broadband has aggressively pursued our goal of providing excellent advanced services to small communities that might otherwise not have these services available. We have constructed three state-of-the-art transmission facilities, 200+ miles of fiber optic transport cable and upgraded over 400 miles of cable plant in 29 towns.

Our upgraded services include high-speed internet, expanded channel line-ups and a full array of digital packages including 200 channel options, multiple movie tiers, sports tier, music and High Definition! Please explore our website for details about the services available in YOUR TOWN!

We are 100% employee owned, which provides an environment for motivation and quality. As owners we are dedicated to providing services and products that benefit the communities we serve.

Packerland Broadband represents a return to our roots, continuing the entrepreneurial and technological spirit that founded our company.

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