Big changes are here!

We have been working very hard to provide a solution for a more intuitive customer experience! We are happy to announce that Packerland has migrated to a newly upgraded billing platform with a suite of modern features. You now have access to these new features (some of which are detailed below) and can register on our new online biling portal today!

Quick Steps for Registration

The first time you visit the new online billing portal you will need to register your account. The steps below will help with the registration process.

First you'll need to enter your information. Please use the first 6 digits of your account number to register. For example, if your account number is 123456-78, you only need to enter 123456 on the bill portal site.

This will initiate an email that will bring you to a page to reset your password. If you do not receive the email in your inbox please check your junk/spam mail folder.

After completing the new password form you will be all set to go back to the bill pay portal and log in.

If you require further assistance with the registration process or signing up for Auto Pay, please view our quick-start help guide!

Invoice Updates

The look and feel of Packerland invoices will be getting a huge upgrade. More info to come! We will also be linking a PDF document here, which shows where to find the information you may be trying to find on the new invoice.

Easier Access

Once the new portal is launched, you will be able to make payments online, view past invoices, set up autopay, sign up for paperless billing, and more... even easier than ever before! We will be sending registration instructions before October 22.

Packerland Alerts

The Packerland Alerts texting program is already in place, and it will work even better after the billing system update. Please visit to learn more and sign up any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

If you have further questions about the new billing system or any of the changes that will be occurring, please call us at 800-236-8434. We look forward to assisting you!