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Packerland offers unlimited local and 2,000 long distance minutes per month. That's over an hour of long distance calls a day! With Packerland, there are also no restrictions based on the time of day. Get Packerland phone service for as little as $24.95 per month when bundled with Internet or TV!

Keep your number

Don't worry about telling your friends and family your new number. We can port your phone number, depending on your current provider!

Low Cost

Basic Phone is only $24.95/mo when bundled with Packerland Internet or TV, and Standard Phone is only $29.95 when bundled!

Great Features

Voicemail, caller ID, speed dial, call waiting, call forwarding, and more await.

Packerland Broadband Phone - Make the right call!

Stay connected.

No one wants to be restricted by their phone service - and now you don't have to be. Packerland Broadband is proud to deliver a phone service that harnesses the power of the Internet and offers features above and beyond those of traditional phone service.

Take a look at the table below to see which features are available on each phone tier.

Phone Service Features

Feature Basic Phone Standard Phone
Unlimited Local Calling
2,000 Long Distance Minutes per Month
Keep Your Phone Number! (Depends on your current provider)
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Flash Call Hold
Three-Way Call
Call Forwarding
Call Return
Priority Alert
Selective Call Acceptance/Rejection
Speed Dial

Convenience is one call away.

Packerland's phone service is in a class of its own. Calls are clear, no matter the weather. Rest assured that your phone service is backed by simple, understandable pricing, friendly customer service and a no-contract service system. Plus, get all your services on one bill when you add TV and Internet.

We also have business solutions available!

Packerland Broadband Phone - Make the right call!

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